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Web Site Optimization Articles

These are articles our consultants thought you'd appreciate. Please send us (links to) articles that we might have missed.

Internet Usability
Search engine marketing
Online copywriting
General Internet

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Internet Usability

Title: Perils of One-to-None
Source: ClickZ, September 3, 2002
Topic: One-to-one is crucial to smart branding. Don't let it lose its mind and turn into one-to-none by frustrating, alienating, and chasing away customers.

Title: Trust Is in the Details
Source: CyberAtlas, June 21, 2002
Topic: A study analyzing key factors - expertise, trustworthiness, sponsorship, and miscellaneous criteria - to determine the credibility of Web sites.

Title: Are Users Stupid?
Source: Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, February 4, 2001
Topic: Opponents of the usability movement claim that it focuses on stupid users and that most users can easily overcome complexity. But it is not a question of whether users are capable of overcoming complexity and learning an advanced user interface. It is a question of whether they are willing to do so. As Web use grows, the price of ignoring usability will only increase.

Title: ROI Marketing: Qualified Answers to Persuasive Architecture
Source: Clickz, October 11, 2002
Topic: Is disappointment the brand association you seek? How much time and effort have you invested thinking about how your prospects buy?

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Search engine marketing

itle: What We Search For
Source: SearchDay, July 25, 2002
Topic: The use of search engines is ranking as 3rd online activity, after sending and reading e-mails.

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Online copywriting

itle: Converting Searchers to Customers
Source: SearchDay, January 8, 2002
Topic: "Sites would do better to make their home pages more about their customers' needs and less about the company's products."

Title: Designing Useful Navigation
Source: MarketingProfs, 2001
Topic: Want to employ useful navigation that helps your customers shop and moves them ever closer to the close? Then design your site the way your customer thinks, so your site anticipates the way your customers want to interact with your "store."

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General Internet

Title: New viruses, and what to do about them
Source: Net Direct, March 3, 2004
Topic: "We have been experiencing several new viruses this week. These viruses spread so rapidly that even small offices with day-old virus definitions have been infected. We recommend the following: ..."

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