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Quick & Dirty Homepage Review

Quick & Dirty Webpage Review
(only $ 99*)

(* some taxes may apply for Canadian customers)
An inexpensive way to get a usability specialist's first impression of your design.
  • you will receive a "movie file" with our commentary and mouse movements;
  • this review is recommended for a homepage: the most visited page on your site. Naturally we can also review another page of your choosing.

Mainly suited for fairly simple homepages, a Quick & Dirty Homepage Review™ can also serve as a great introduction to U-C WEBS' consulting services.

We will even reimburse you for 50% of this review's investment should you later order a more in-depth review for the same site.

This review is also available as a written report; additional charges do apply.

Why do you need a usability review? Read some convincing quotes. Usability matters!

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a sample movie

.exe file (5.3Mb)
zip file (1.5 Mb)
.wav file (1.3 Mb)(sound)

Or ask us for a CD with the movie file

This is an ".exe" file, which should play on any computer. This file has been checked for viruses before publishing it on this website. You can also request a CD with a sample movie, which we then mail to you. is a service provided by U-C WEBS
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