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Convincing Quotes:
Website Evaluations Matter!

Website evaluations matter
Website evaluations are great tools to improve the Internet customer experience, one site at a time.


Don't just believe our word for it. We have collected some quotes from strong advocates for website evaluations and usability testing. Enjoy. And contact us to book your website evaluation.

"On the Internet, it's survival of the easiest.... Give users a good experience and they're apt to turn into frequent and loyal customers. But ... it's easy to turn to another supplier in the face of even a minor hiccup. Only if a site is extremely easy to use will anybody bother staying around."
- Jakob Nielsen

"The web is the ultimate customer-empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to go elsewhere; all the competitors in the world are but a mouseclick away."
- Jakob Nielsen

"You know from your own experience as a Web user that paying attention to usability means less frustration and more satisfaction for your visitors, and a better chance that you'll see them again."
- Steve Krug

Studies show that for every dollar a company invests to increase usability, it receives $10-$100 in benefits, and wins customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Still not convinced? Here are some more expert opinions:

"Usability rules the web. Simply stated, if the customer can't find a product, then he or she will not buy it."
- Jakob Nielsen

97 percent of Fortune 100 companies had some type of site architecture problem that might give them problems being found by search engines.
- iProspect

"If users habitually experienced poor or unpredictable quality of technical service (speed) at the site of a particular company, that company's products were viewed as inferior."
- Hewlett Packard

"Improving user experience can increase both revenue and customer satisfaction while lowering costs." "Even though consumers, business customers, and site executives underscore the need for a great user experience, most Web efforts don't deliver it."
- Forrester

Interested? Contact us today for your web site evaluation.

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Still not convinced? Here are some more expert opinions:

"80% of the mistakes you will make in information architecture can be caught if you bring in a great usability expert from the beginning."
- Roger Black

"To dismiss basic contexts such as link colours, page layouts, navigation systems, and visual hierarchy as 'boring' or 'pedestrian' is akin to laughing at a car's steering wheel as unimaginative."
- Jeffrey Veen

"There's one thing more painful that learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience."
- anonymous

"The usability tests we have conducted during the last year have shown an increasing reluctance among users to accept innovations in Web design. The prevailing attitude is to request designs that are similar to everything else people see on the Web."
- Jakob Nielsen

Interested? Contact us today for your web site evaluation.

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Still not convinced? Here are some more expert opinions:

"Although browsing or comparison-shopping tops the list of reasons for online shopping cart abandonment, the study found that just 21 per cent of e-shoppers surveyed mentioned it. Shipping costs account for 17 per cent of people aborting their purchases. Poorly designed Web sites and privacy concerns also cause e-shoppers to ditch their carts."
- NFO CF Group

Every click is an opportunity to lose prospects.
- Bryan Eisenberg

It helps to bring in an objective outsider to give the business some perspective. Remain impartial about internal politics or who suggested past ideas. The business needs an unbiased verdict, without the emotional attachment it has invested in its own efforts.
- Bryan Eisenberg

Directories - such as Yahoo and Looksmart - often reject sites with broken links. Studies show that 71% of Web sites have at least 1 bad link.
- Netmechanic

Interested? Contact us today for your web site evaluation.

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